I pride myself on presenting my clients with photos that are not only flattering but that actually give a true representation of their natural beauty, if used for the theatre or for other personal uses. Our sessions are relaxed and fun and no matter if you think you are uncomfortable in front of a camera or not, we will be sure to get a fabulous shot that represents exactly who you are.

Here is the fun part; where you pick which shoot is right for you! With all of these types of sessions, the post production is the same. I will upload the photos to a private webpage so that you can pick your favorites that I will then finish processing. Once my edits are complete, I will then send you another link to directly download your full resolution photos. 

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This is the classic shoot that started it all! Basically, we head over to a location that is not my studio and shoot with natural light and the natural background.

express session / 45 mins / 8 finished images - $180

headshot session / 1.5 hr / 12 finished images- $325

portrait session / 2 hrs / 15 finished images - $ 425



I now am the proud owner of my very own studio space. It is located in my home office and provides my clients an amazing alternative to the classic arrangement. We relax, listen to music, can chat as loud as we want, etc. I'm excited to offer this to clients willing and able to travel to me. We have a few different solid background options as well that provide maximum versitility to any shoot.

express session / 45 mins / 8 finished images - $150

headshot session / 1.5 hr / 12 finished images- $275

portrait session / 2 hrs / 15 finished images - $ 325

Please keep in mind that payment is due on the day of the shoot. If payment can not be delivered by the day of the shoot, no work will be done toward getting the photos chosen, selected or edited. 

formatting services 

I'm so happy to announce that I now can offer formatting services for my headshot clients. This basically means I will lay out your 8x10 headshot with a border and your name and send it to you ready to be sent off to the printer. This is ideal for people who want to print at home or at a 1-hour print shop. I always suggest my clients get at least two photos formatted for those moments when an audition comes out of nowhere. Always be prepared!

2 image - $15

4 images - $20

6 images- $30

+ $5 for every additional 2 photos 

Simply request this when requesting your headshot and I will make sure this service is on your invoice and performed for you when processing your photos. When selecting your final proofs to be processes, you will make a note on which photos you would like formatted. 

You can also request formatting any time after your shoot if you decide you would like it. Just shoot me an email. I keep your photos in the archive so they can be easily formatted at any time. 

Gift Certificates are now available for all headshot sessions. Simply contact me for details. 

senior portraits

It is a super special time in a young person’s life when they get to the milestone of graduating from high school or college. These moments will make treasured memories as they move from one phase of life to another.

For these sessions we have a variety of options for shooting locations where we go and explore you and all that you are. These sessions begin at $500 with options to purchase print packages. The shoot currently includes digital copies of all photos retouched for your enjoyment in a digital gallery where you can directly download your photos in full resolution to your computer.


Birthdays, gala events, production photos, etc.

I love doing event photography as well! I have been fortunate enough to photograph some of the most elite events in Georgia. 

They are a ton of fun but we all know these kinds of things come in all shapes and sizes so shoot me an email and we can talk about a price, time, and photo amount that best fits your needs. 

Generally, Production Photos of your theatre’s performance start at $300

Event Photography begins at $150 for 3 hours of shooting.