head shot tips


The best strategy for hair is to go with what is the most natural but makes you look presentable. For example, if your hair is curly, I would suggest leaving it curly and putting whatever product you usually use to make your hair behave how you would like it to. I love natural looking waves on ladies and a few rogue bangs on gentleman; they make the photo look natural and relaxed. We want your face to shine through; your hair is simply something to accentuate it. 

skin & make up

A fresh face is the best face to photograph so I suggest wearing very natural/light make-up. I ask that you show up in the very lightest make-up and if we need more we will decide and apply together. So bring your make up bag and your favorite lip color!


Actors know that "jewel tones" (blues & greens) are great colors for head shots. However, I have had many a successful shoot in bulky sweaters, stripes, and patterned blouses. My main suggestion is to bring a few options; a casual top and a more dressy top. For my men, always bring some sort of button up. For my ladies, I suggest a t-shirt and a blouse. Blue eyes look great with blue or green tops while brown looks great with dark blues, blacks, and browns. Be comfortable is my main suggestion.